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The A-Z of Forensic Careers | Day 1 – Forensic Artist

Forensic art is any art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Forensic art is used to assist law enforcement with the visual aspects of a case, often using witness descriptions and video footage. It is a highly specialised field that covers a wide range of artistic skills, such as composite drawing, crime scene sketching, […]

Recover DNA from fingerprints without destroying them?

Recover DNA from fingerprints without destroying them? Fingerprints hold a lot more information than you might realise. They don’t just provide a pattern with which to identify people. They can also contain DNA. And as neither DNA nor fingerprints are infallible ways of working out who was at a location, combining both pieces of evidence could be […]

Deconstructing DNA

DNA profiling techniques are constantly advancing – here are five tips which should help criminal practitioners to catch up with the latest developments, and to engage more productively with DNA evidence. Of the many forensic science techniques which lie at the disposal of the criminal justice system, DNA profiling is pre-eminent. Each day the criminal […]

Welcome to

Connecting available forensic professionals with employers – no recruitment agencies allowed! Welcome to, the easier way to find a new role or team member. is part of a larger effort to provide a clear pathway for employers and candidates to connect. Too often niche job boards are prohibitively expensive or over populated by […]