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Key Forensic Services Ltd

Quality forensic science solutions to the UK criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Quality forensic science solutions to the UK criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Key Forensic Services offers a full range of quality forensic services, with a focus on providing best value for money to the UK Criminal Justice System. KFS is contracted to the majority of UK Police forces for the provision of forensic science services, adding value by providing multiple forensic solutions from each of our strategically-located UK sites. We also provide contracted forensic support to British Transport Police and The National Crime Agency.

Many of our staff have over 20 years experience as forensic practitioners/expert witnesses and are regarded as leaders in their chosen fields. All staff are security cleared to UK counter-terrorist standards.

Our work is not restricted to the prosecution, we routinely undertake forensic work for criminal defence barristers and solicitors, providing expert opinion in the courtroom and delivering CPD training programmes.

We also work with overseas commercial organisations, governments and police forces, assisting them with establishing or expanding forensic resources, helping eliminate casework backlogs and providing training of scientific and investigative staff.

In addition to providing forensic analytical services, we are able to offer environmental monitoring of commercial laboratories and QC/anti-contamination testing of laboratory consumables.

In November 2008, Document Evidence Ltd. was acquired by KFS, however the business was actually created back in 1992 by a group of questioned documents experts from the Forensic Science Service and today comprises one of the most experienced team of forensic document examiners and handwriting experts in the country.

Headquartered on the prestigious University of Warwick Science Park in the West Midlands, Key Forensic Services provides services from this and two other prestigious sites, all with excellent laboratory accommodation and 24/7 security.

All of our services are underpinned by a significant Research and Development programme and we have strong partnerships with industry and academia.



The RapidHIT ID System is an additional platform for fast human identification services using DNA.

The RapidHIT ID is designed for ease of use, and with a footprint approximately 25% of the size of the original RapidHIT 200 System, the RapidHIT ID system can be utilised in any location with a power supply. The RapidHIT ID uses leading industry-standard chemistries and generates DNA profiles that are compatible with UK National DNA Database®. The significant advances in cartridge and instrument design also incorporate numerous efficiencies that make DNA profiling faster and easier than ever, as well as having the potential to be more cost-effective. This has enabled the technology to become extremely well suited to the custody suite environment. The movie below shows the RapidHIT ID being used to sample an arrestee in under 90 minutes.

The highly advanced technology incorporated into the RapidHIT ID instrument offers:

  • Facial or fingerprint recognition of users to ensure security is maximised;
  • Large touch-screen display –extremely easy to navigate and operate;
  • Built in user training videos;
  • Full user guide built in;
  • Built-in camera to scan sample barcodes;
  • Economical single use sample cartridge;
  • Onboard reagent cartridge good for 150 tests –utilises NGM SElect Express chemistry;
  • Ambient temperature storage of consumables, no refrigeration required. Shelf life up to 6 months;
  • Results ready to be evaluated in 90 minutes ( -user can hit ‘start’ and walk away until processing is complete, no user intervention required during processing);
  • USB and LAN connections.

The RapidHIT ID and RapidHIT 200 systems are produced by IntegenX Inc. of California, a market leader in rapid DNA technology for human identification. IntegenX integrates microfluidics, optics and biochemistry in sample to answer platforms for forensic and law enforcement applications.

Introduction to the RapidHIT®200 Rapid DNA Instrument.

The RapidHIT ®200 instrument is manufactured by IntegenX Inc. in California, USA. Key Forensic Services (KFS) has exclusive distribution rights for the instrument and the associated consumables within the UK.

RapidHIT® is the world’s first fully-automated, self-contained, sample to profile system. Samples are processed in under two hours using disposable cartridges which work with either NGM Select (NGMSE) or Globalfiler PCR chemistries. The NGMSE chemistry is fully-compatible with the UK National DNA Database.

The instrument is around the size of a small photocopier and does not require a DNA-free environment to be operated in, as all of the reagents are contained in sealed cartridges.

Ease of use is key to the instrument’s appeal – no specialist scientific staff or expertise are needed to operate it successfully. Operators can be trained to a fully competent level in two hours.

Touch screen technology is incorporated within the on-board software and no separate computer hardware is required.

The instrument can process single samples or seven samples plus one control in each ‘run’ and is capable of analysing body fluid samples and buccal swabs.

Although not fully ruggedized, it is robust, portable and can be used in virtually any environment where a 240v power supply is available. No additional services such as water supply are required.

Width 71cms, Height 46cms, Depth 69cms, Weight 80 kg.

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