NaBIS Ballistics Technician Grade E

POST TITLE: NaBIS Ballistics Technician

DIVISION/BRANCH: Serious Crime Division

SECTION/UNIT: Identification and Technical Section (Bradford Park)


RESPONSIBLE TO: NaBIS Lead Scientist, Senior NaBIS Ballistics Expert and Head of Forensic Technical Services GMP

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Maintaining Health and Safety in the Hub.
Maintaining the Forensic and Business integrity of the Hub. Assisting in the training and development of junior staff.

AIM OF JOB: Delivery of NaBIS services in line with customer Service Level Agreements and national performance criteria to contribute to the development of intelligence products.


Required to provide knowledge and services for firearms and IBIS technologies and maintain quality technical processes in line with independently verified standards, working according to ISO 17025 accreditation standards.

Undertake responsibility for safety, certification and storage of all firearms and associated information submitted to NaBIS, including making safe firearms to prevent unintentional discharges.

Undertake the classification of all types of firearms and ammunition (whilst preserving forensic evidence including, DNA, fingerprints and fibres, if applicable).

Monitor the storage, movement and destruction of firearms within a NaBIS hub to ensure compliance with national protocols and ensure safe working practices.

Undertake the examination and photography of firearms and ammunition for identifying marks and modifications and ensure the efficient and effective use of IBIS technologies, realising early investigative opportunities and maintaining a high quality database.

Responsible for meeting demanding deadlines and performance targets whilst remaining flexible and responsive to changing operational circumstances.

Providing assistance to the NaBIS Ballistics Experts by making preliminary assessments of ballistic items submitted and fast-tracking those deemed suitable to maximise intelligence opportunities, which involves, but is not limited to, detailed note-taking, test-firing of weapons, IBIS loading, comparison microscopy and other administrative duties.

To ensure continual development of forensic best practice in NaBIS services and in the skills and experiences of more junior staff.

Responsible for the liaison with firearms experts from outside agencies, other police services and defence experts as required to discuss casework.

Undertake the evidential test firing of firearms for classification and ballistic comparison as required to national standards.

Required to manage and assist in the development of data standards and of intelligence products.

To ensure NaBIS services are continually attentive and responsive to operational requirements and ensure that the delivery of NaBIS services are in line with customer Service Level Agreements and national performance criteria.

Manage unit service delivery, ensuring compliance with service level agreements and quality control standards whilst maintaining the highest levels of personal, business and scientific integrity.

To maintain awareness of Force and departmental policies and procedures communicated in various forms including, email, Force and Departmental orders, Force Intranet and written correspondence.


To promote and comply with GMP’s policies on health and safety both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.

Comply with and promote equality legislation and GMP’s policies on diversity and equality. Take steps to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.

To fully participate in GMP’s development review process.

If you have responsibility for staff; to manage staff development, performance and attendance using appropriate GMP policy and procedure.

To comply with the requirements of GMP’s policies on Drug and Alcohol testing – requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are available on the Intranet/SharePoint.

All staff and officers must adhere to and comply with Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Human Rights legislation and the Authorised Professional Practice (Information Management). It is the responsibility of all staff and officers to maintain data quality and security. Therefore when inputting, updating and using GMP information, you are to ensure that it is Accurate, Adequate, Relevant and Timely (AART), and that it is used / disclosed for business purposes only and kept secure. The most current guidance and advice in respect of compliance with the legislation and information / records management standards can be found on the Information Management Intranet site/Information Services SharePoint site.

Supervisors and managers have the additional responsibility of ensuring that staff undertake the appropriate training and fully understand and apply the required Force policy, procedures and information / records management standards in the course of their duties. Supervisors and managers should ensure that staff / officers understand their responsibilities in maintaining data quality and security and have appropriate processes in place to monitor compliance.

To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and grading of the post.

Forensic Specific

Maintain compliance with current quality policies, procedures and objectives by keeping informed of the latest updates / modifications related to ISO accreditation and the Forensic Services Quality Management System.

Support the maintenance and improvement of the Forensic Services Quality Management System


This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. The job description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to reflect changes.

Please note that we will consider making reasonable adjustments to the above, in line with the Equality Act.

The most up to date version of various GMP policies and pieces of legislation can be found on the Intranet/ SharePoint.  Further support and guidance can be sought from the HR Advisory Service or the Information Compliance and Records Management Unit. The most up to date telephone numbers are available on the GMP Intranet.


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