Welcome to Forensic-Jobs.com

Connecting available forensic professionals with employers – no recruitment agencies allowed!

Welcome to Forensic-Jobs.com, the easier way to find a new role or team member.

Forensic-Jobs.com is part of a larger effort to provide a clear pathway for employers and candidates to connect. Too often niche job boards are prohibitively expensive or over populated by recruitment agency adverts that are often posted to pad out their database.

Something different is needed.

We have identified the frustration of candidates when searching for a job, all they seemed to be doing is trawling various job boards only to see roles posted by recruitment agencies and connecting directly with a hiring manager was almost impossible! Similarly we spoke to companies who were recruiting themselves only to realise that when they paid £100/£200/500+ for a 30 day job advert, it was being buried under hundreds (if not thousands) of recruitment company ads for similar roles.

The ‘something different’ that was needed was very clear – create a platform where only verified direct employers can post job adverts. Candidates can then browse and apply safe in the knowledge that their application will reach the right person and employers can post their positions for a reasonable price and know that it will be seen by available professionals in their sector.

We are new but we aim to change the way things are done in the forensics sector, both in the UK and internationally.

We hope you’ll join us and welcome to Forensic-Jobs.com!

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